MasterG is a comprehensive garment skills training program which condenses the traditional decades-long apprenticeship model of garment training into a year long, industry standards module. This program, which is aimed at people from marginalised and migrant communities in India, helps prevent them from breaking the cycle between education and employment due to the social and cultural barriers. This localised program helps people to earn a living with dignity in a notoriously informal and exploitative industry. MasterG provides it's services for a fee to organisations who wish to offer competitive skill development programs.

MasterG's skill development program is highly localised to each community that it serves. The curriculum is tailored to suit the local skills and needs of the prospective students. The students are connected with designers, boutiques and factories. Being a part of our ecosystem helps students, as we track their progress from the beginning to post-completion, as well as help them gain employment after training.

After returning from Parsons, New York, while sampling for my collection, I began interacting with informal, home-based workers in Delhi, and was exposed to the sub-standard skill development conducted in the name of "vocational training". The MasterG curriculum has been successfully implemented and rigorously tested in a pilot program with Adharshila Trust, New Delhi. In 2017, we are delivering our module to 3 different partners in the National Capital Region.